Relax, enjoy, and experience your summer dreams

at Teos Village surrounded by clear turquoise waters.


A place surrounded by greenery, inspiring tranquility.

This is Teos Village


Situated in a tranquil location around an enclosed bay  overlooking the

Greek islands of Chios and Samos is Teos Village.


With the charm of its refined beauty Teos Village is an ideal destination for

family vacations, romantic escapes and also for small breaks.


 Enjoy the magnificient terraces of

Teos Village while tasting the delightful dishes.


Eco-friendly resort Teos Village 

cares for environment


Each one of the 150 bedrooms at our resort is evocative. Spread across aegean coastline, the rooms have a refined and intimate decor.


Discover all that Teos Village can offer for the wide range of resort activities available at our resort will make everyone enjoyable.


The unrivalled service, the tasty cuisine and the breathtaking view to the Aegean make Teos Village’s restaurant one of the most popular around the region.


The region is one of Turkey’s most beautiful stretches of coastline, surrounded by clear blue seas, and many historical sites.


The design and placement of our facilities was given careful thought so as to give our guests a great first impression of this ideal location.

Location & Contact

It is so easy to find us! Teos Village is a  well known resort in the region. See our Location & Contact page for detailed information.


You can safely book your place online on our secure page. Your booking is just a few cliks away. Start enjoying your holiday by booking your place now.


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Teos Village cares for environment

Eco-Friendly resort  

In our attempt for better service, our high priority is the development and protection of the natural environment of the resort. Wishing to implement this philosophy we took specific action some of which are listed below:

• At our restaurants we use vegetables which grow in our own farming gardens. Our guests taste the bio food that they pass by daily around the resort.

• The rest of the necessities for the kitchen are local bio products.

• We respect the region of our resort and we are committed to provide jobs for the local people who are friendly and hospitable.

Energy Saving:

  • Solar energy for heating water.
  • Solar energy for electricity. We are planning to produce 80% of our electricity consumption.
  • Use of gas for the kitchen.
  • Installation of low power consumption bulbs in all areas.
  • Double glass in all rooms for better insulation.
  • Special insulation in the network of hot and cold water
  • All public toilets are equipped with sensors for lighting.
  • All rooms equipped with sensors to control unnecessary energy consumption for air conditioning.

Saving and water quality:

  • The water that goes to the sewage system is treated at our own treatment plant.
  • Gardens are watered by the water that is treated at the plant.
  • Automatic garden watering.
  • Daily analysis of the quality of pool water and drinking water.
  • All chemicals (detergents, pesticides and fertilizers) are soluble in water and environmentally friendly.
  • Pressure control system on water consumption

Rational waste management

  • The stationary items used by the hotel in the health interest places are all biodegradable.

Decline of solid waste

  • Liquid soap is used in all toilets of public spaces.
  • For better recycling we take good care of our waste and its sortation.
  • All stationary products, papers and other necessities are recycled products.

  • We participate in the programme AFIS (battery recycling)