Exceptional location


The peninsula where Teos Village is situated on, is one of Turkey’s most beautiful stretches of coastline, surrounded by clear blue seas, white sandy beaches and fields of aniseed, grapes, artichoke and tangerine trees. And the region is not only famous for its natural beauties, it is also well known for its historical sites and its unique Aegean culture.

In the region the climate is mild, healthy and pleasant. There is a cool air in summer and warm atmosphere in winter.

The winds prevailing in Sigacik during the summer time are northern while the south winds that blow mainly in the winter period bring most of the rain.

The sunshine period in Sigacik is one of the largest in Turkey since for more than six months, during the summer period. It is rare to see clouds in the sky.

The region is home for ancient city of Teos from which Teos Village takes its name, famous village of Sigacik, Ephesus, Izmir (Smyrna), Pergamon and Pamukkale (the cotton castle).